How a little balloon can provide instant relief that lasts.

Are you living with recurring or persisting sinus pain and pressure?
Millions of Americans suffer from sinusitis—an inflammation or swelling of the tissue lining the sinuses. This swelling can prevent your sinuses from draining. Mucus and fluid buildup inside the sinuses can lead to sinus infections, more inflammation, and pain.
Sinusitis symptoms include:

  • Facial congestion/fullness
  • Nasal blockage
  • Nasal discharge
  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Dental pain
  • Bad breath

For many years, patients suffering from recurring or persisting sinusitis were left with two choices:

  • Manage their symptoms with ongoing rounds of medical therapy. Some patients are dissatisfied with the frequent rounds of antibiotics, steroids, and decongestants, or have difficulty tolerating the side effects of medical therapy.
  • Undergo endoscopic sinus surgery to expand the sinus drainage pathways by having tissue and bone removed with small cutting instruments. Recovery can often take from 7 to 10 days.

Balloon sinus dilation offers an effective alternative for appropriate sinusitis patients who are tired of ongoing medical therapy and cannot or do not want to undergo surgery but want lasting relief with a quick recovery.

Why choose Balloon Sinus Dilation

Gently opens blocked sinuses
Balloon sinus dilation uses a small balloon to gently open and reshape your sinus drainage pathways to restore normal sinus drainage.

Instant relief that lasts
Balloon sinus dilation keeps sinus passages open, offering long-term relief from the problems associated with sinusitis. Multiple studies show patients experienced less facial pain, improved sleep, less use of antibiotics, fewer visits to their doctor, and were more able to perform day-to-day activities at home and work.

Convenient, comfortable office procedure
Balloon sinus dilation can be performed in your ENT physician’s office. A typical procedure lasts less than 45 minutes.

Quick recovery and cost-effective
Many patients resume normal activities the same day. Depending on your insurance coverage, the in-office procedure may reduce the procedure costs you pay.

How Balloon Sinus Dilation Works
We can use a local anesthesia to numb your sinus tissue and office sedation. Your physician will insert and gently inflate the balloon to dilate the treatment area. The balloon dilation expands the sinus pathways to restore drainage. After a few seconds, the balloon is deflated and removed.

Are you eligible for balloon sinus dilation?

Balloon sinus dilation is not appropriate for all patients. Contact us and see if you are a candidate today.

Before Surgery:
Prior to having surgery, a series of general screening tests may be done to make sure you are healthy for surgery. These are often conducted 1-2 weeks before the operation and may include a thorough history and physical exam and blood work. Depending on your history, you may also need an EKG, chest x-ray, and/or stress test. These tests evaluate your heart and lung function and usually do not require a hospital stay. Depending on your age and health, you may need to see your primary care doctor or a high-risk anesthesiologist for these tests.

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